Lavender Farm Wedding Film

A year ago I had the honor of being a part of a celebration that was nearly two years in the making.  I will be sharing more about this wedding soon, but in the meantime I could not be more excited to share Neel and Natalie's highlight wedding film with you!  Working with Philip and MacKenzie of Inkspot Crow was a dream, they are kind, calm and did an amazing job capturing so many details of this day in a thoughtful and artistic way.  

I hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse into this beautiful, September wedding.  The amazing team that came together to make Neel and Natalie's wedding day possible can be found below.

Wedding Planning, Design and Styling: L. Brook Events / Venue: Marianmade Farm / Photographer: A Love Supreme / Cinematography: Inkspot Crow / Catering: 111 Maine / Floral Design: Michelle Peele Floral / Tent + Tabletop Rentals: One Stop Event Rentals / Vintage Rentals: Maine Seasons Event Rentals / Paper Goods: The Bride's Mother / Band: Wellfleet / Transpotation: Country Coach Charters / Bride's Dress: Marisa via Madeline's Daughter / Hair & Make-up: Ollo Salon

Inspired by Anthropologie & Co.

As an event designer and stylist, a huge part of my job is to visually tell a story for, or about my clients.  In order to tell their story in a unique and thoughtful way I am constantly looking for inspiration and asking my clients where they find inspiration too.  Whether they love to shop at flea markets or boutiques, eat at the latest new restaurant, visit art museums, or spend time outdoors, everyone finds inspiration a little differently.

Interior Inspiration

So to answer one of the questions I am asked most frequently, where do I find inspiration?  Well the answer is in a bunch of different places, but one place I am constantly finding design or styling inspiration is Anthropologie, and I know I'm not alone here.  That is why I could not be more excited for the launch of Anthropologie & Co. later this month.  Anthropologie & Co. will be a way to experience items from all three Anthro brands: AnthropologieTerrain, and BHLDN, in the form of one, beautifully designed storefront.  


Many of the items that were once available online onlyor had to be purchased in seperate stores, will now be available to view, experience and buy, in one complete store.  Perhaps the thing I am most excited about, is that there will be 12 full-scale living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms filled with the brand's home furnishings.  Visitors of the store will be able to walk through each room, which will be set-up and styled in a way to allow us to feel as if we are walking through one of their beautiful catalogues.   


I'm so excited I may just have to plan a trip to California to visit the new store!  I would love to hear from you: where do you find inspiration or feel most inspired?  


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The Story Behind L. Brook

This post is something I have been working on for a long time, something I had intended to have polished and ready to publish when my new website first launched two weeks ago, but sometimes it takes a little while for me to come up with the right words to fully express my thoughts and articulate how I feel.  This is definitely one of those times, and a huge part of that is because I am still soaking in what all of this means and how impactful this entire experience was.  However, without further adieu I would like to formally introduce you to the L. Brook brand! 

  Photography: Whitney Neal | Prop Sourcing: Jaclyn Journey | Branding + Design: Kathryn Duckett of Crème Brands.

Photography: Whitney Neal | Prop Sourcing: Jaclyn Journey | Branding + Design: Kathryn Duckett of Crème Brands.

Photography: Whitney Neal | Prop Sourcing: Jaclyn Journey | Branding + Design: Kathryn Duckett of Crème Brands.

This past October I had the pleasure of attending the Trouvaille workshop in Michigan—something I will write more about soon, I promise—and it was at this three-day intensive workshop that I met the amazingly kind, supportive and brilliant Kathryn Duckett of Crème Brands.  I immediately connected with her and was inspired by the knowledge she shared with us about authentic branding.  Branding, re-brand, brand, in general are words that I am so hesitant to use because this experience that I went through was far more meaningful than just a redesign of my website and logo, and I feel like those words simplify the process too much.  I also think that branding and re-branding is overly used in all industries right now, and is especially prevalent in the wedding industry.  It seems like every day I see a new website launch announcement or a post on Instagram that so and so has a new logo.  I am not saying this to be critical, some people may even think (and have said to me) that they cannot believe I re-did my website and branding so soon after my last one launched.  However, for me this was a very intentional decision.  Before, I never took the time to dig deep, define who I am as a business owner, who my ideal clients are, and what makes my services and approach truly unique, which is crucial to developing an  a u t h e n t i c   b r a n d  that has longevity.  When my original website and logo first launched a year and half ago, there were things that didn’t feel authentic to who I am from the start and although my business is my business, I have put my heart and soul into it and I know that a huge part of the L. Brook experience is what I, as a person, bring to the wedding planning and design process and I needed and wanted to be able to visually communicate the heart behind my business through my website, branding and collateral.

Photography: Emily Delamater

I have had amazing growth in the last three years as a full-time wedding planner and designer, I have had incredible experiences, worked hard, learned really tough lessons, and grown so much.  I used to feel shy about my lack of years in this business, but now I am incredibly proud of all that I have accomplished in a relatively short period of time, and I am confident in knowing that I truly serve my clients, I advocate for them and I help create an experience for their family and friends that shapes memories, which transcend a lifetime.  This passion and focus on service, is why I have grown so quickly.  So what does all of this have to do with my new website and branding?  Everything.

I will elaborate in another post soon about how I was feeling as a creative business owner when I decided to attend Trouvaille, but the most important thing was that I knew I had huge goals for myself and business and that to be a part of the kind of weddings I wanted to be a part of, to attract the kind of clients I wanted to work with--discerning clients who expected the high level of service I provide, that I needed to make some changes.  Kathryn’s passion, approach and process inspired me at Trouvaille and although I wasn’t sure that I was ready or needed to completely re-do my website, I knew I wanted to get her advice.  At that point in time, I completed what I thought was a pretty comprehensive brand analysis—that was until I actually went through the full process with Kathryn.  Kathryn asked me some pretty tough questions, questions that took me days to craft a response to and in the end, what was reveled was what I knew all along, and we had just scratched the surface.  I wasn’t effectively communicating the heart of my business, my values, or what makes the services I provide truly unique.  I wasn’t being authentic to who I was, I wasn’t articulating why I do what I do, why I took a risk to start this business, why I love what I do.

  Photography: Whitney Neal | Prop Sourcing: Jaclyn Journey | Branding + Design: Kathryn Duckett of Crème Brands.

Photography: Whitney Neal | Prop Sourcing: Jaclyn Journey | Branding + Design: Kathryn Duckett of Crème Brands.

Photography: Whitney Neal | Prop Sourcing: Jaclyn Journey | Branding + Design: Kathryn Duckett of Crème Brands.

I owe so much to Kathryn because she has been a support to me since I first met her and I have no doubt in my mind that without her encouragement, friendship, creativity and talent that I wouldn’t have been able to dig deep enough to develop a brand that visually communicates the heart of my business in an authentic way.  Her process, professionalism and kind heart, inspired me constantly and she was incredibly patient with me and truly listened to me.  She listened to who I was, what I am passionate about, why I care so much, how my sensitive soul constantly wants to give more to my clients and be better for my clients, and she helped me remember why I started this business.

  Photography: Whitney Neal | Prop Sourcing: Jaclyn Journey | Branding + Design: Kathryn Duckett of Crème Brands.

Photography: Whitney Neal | Prop Sourcing: Jaclyn Journey | Branding + Design: Kathryn Duckett of Crème Brands.

Photography: Whitney Neal | Prop Sourcing: Jaclyn Journey | Branding + Design: Kathryn Duckett of Crème Brands.

One of the things I love most about wedding planning and design—and why I decided to start L. Brook, is that I am able to combine my passion for people with my love for creativity.  I am an artist first and foremost and that is what my background is in, painting to be specific.  Although I always knew this about myself, Kathryn helped me realize what this meant for the future of L. Brook, which is why I now exclusively offer comprehensive planning and design services to the couples I work with.  This also means that I have consciously decided to take on a limited number of weddings each season.  Working with a small group of couples each year and offering full-service planning and design, allows me to provide my clients with a truly personal and high level of service, all while fueling my creative soul by offering artful planning and design. This has always been my goal for L.Brook and I couldn’t be more honored to share it with you.  Thank you to all of my friends, family and creative colleagues who have loved, supported and encouraged me over the last few years, without you I wouldn’t be able to do any of this.  I hope that you all love this new home of mine as much as I do!


Creative Save the Date

Summer season is in full swing and today we are busy with our final preparations for Sophie & Mike's big day!  You may remember these two from the sneak peek I posted over on Instagram of one of their engagement photographs, needless to say I have been excited about this wedding since I first spoke with Sophie on the phone about the backyard, tented wedding they were planning.  Then they sent me this--their incredibly creative Save the Date, which happened to be my first off-phone introduction to them, and I knew they were the kind of people I feel lucky to work with.  How cute are these two!?

Sophie and Mike - Save the Date! from Michael Ciccarone on Vimeo.

The weekend weather looks absolutely perfect and we can't think of a better way to spend it than celebrating with Sophie and Mike!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, make sure to follow along with us on Instagram to catch some behind the scenes details from this wedding.