Inspired by Anthropologie & Co.

As an event designer and stylist, a huge part of my job is to visually tell a story for, or about my clients.  In order to tell their story in a unique and thoughtful way I am constantly looking for inspiration and asking my clients where they find inspiration too.  Whether they love to shop at flea markets or boutiques, eat at the latest new restaurant, visit art museums, or spend time outdoors, everyone finds inspiration a little differently.

Interior Inspiration

So to answer one of the questions I am asked most frequently, where do I find inspiration?  Well the answer is in a bunch of different places, but one place I am constantly finding design or styling inspiration is Anthropologie, and I know I'm not alone here.  That is why I could not be more excited for the launch of Anthropologie & Co. later this month.  Anthropologie & Co. will be a way to experience items from all three Anthro brands: AnthropologieTerrain, and BHLDN, in the form of one, beautifully designed storefront.  


Many of the items that were once available online onlyor had to be purchased in seperate stores, will now be available to view, experience and buy, in one complete store.  Perhaps the thing I am most excited about, is that there will be 12 full-scale living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms filled with the brand's home furnishings.  Visitors of the store will be able to walk through each room, which will be set-up and styled in a way to allow us to feel as if we are walking through one of their beautiful catalogues.   


I'm so excited I may just have to plan a trip to California to visit the new store!  I would love to hear from you: where do you find inspiration or feel most inspired?  


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