cloches for your wedding

Cloches, also referred to as bell jars,  were originally developed by the French in the early 1600s to protect young plants from winter frost and snow.  Today, you can find cloches used in many ways and as decorative accents in the home and in wedding design.  Cloches come in a variety of sizes, but are most often bell-shaped.  
I first discovered these glass wonders by chance at a wedding this past summer.  I had finished setting everything up and was doing a final walk-through of the event space when I walked by the high table (the groom had a Cambridge background and insisted on the head table being referred to as this) and noticed two beautiful and tiny glass cloches with mercury bases.  I looked around the tent and saw that there were no other cloches at any of the other tables.  I had no idea where these two cloches had come from, but they were placed beside the bride and groom's plates.  I assumed they were a family gift of some sort and left them where I found them.  I asked the mother of the bride, the bride's grandmother and a few other people who had been at the property that day, and no one knew what they were or where they came from.  Later that night the bride asked me if I knew where they came from and I explained to her the mystery of finding them.  An older member of the catering team overheard our conversation and explained to me what they were.  I never found out where the cloches came from and I'm not sure if the bride and groom did either.  After investigating these glass objects in more detail, I knew that I loved the idea of using them as a decorative accent at a wedding or event.  
images from top left, clockwise {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8}
Would you use a cloche as a decorative accent at your wedding?  What treasures would you place under it?  I hope you enjoyed the story and the images above.  One thing I have realized is that sometimes you are inspired by unexpected moments and objects in your life.