festive holiday cocktails

Tis the season for celebrating and today I have a round-up of some fun and festive holiday cocktails for you to try. These drinks sound delicious, are easy to make and are pretty to look at.  When hosting a celebration of any kind-- big or small, formal or casual, having one notable element like a signature drink can pull the whole event together.  Any of the drinks below would be a great addition to your holiday celebrations this season, to see the recipes simply click on the name of the drink.



For full disclosure I have not tried all of the drinks above, but instead selected them because they highlighted flavors that are synonymous with the season.  Any of the alcoholic drinks above can easily be made virgin if you are not into the alcohol portion of the drink.  Simply substitute the alcohol for a non-alcholic drink of the same color.  For example, if a drink calls for vodka you can substitute the vodka with club soda, or a drink that calls for champagne, substitute with sparkling apple cider.  If you are looking for more mocktail recipes be sure to go here, there are so many delicious recipes that will please all of your guests.  If you run out of time and don't have all of the ingredients to make one of these cocktails, you can also make festive cranberry ice cubes by placing fresh cranberries in an ice cube tray, then filling them with water.  Let me know if you try any of the drinks above and which recipe was your favorite in the comments below.  Happy mixing!