friday favorites

Happy Friday! It has been a busy week for me with lots of errands and running around.  I am looking forward to this weekend very much and spending some time outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  To start a new tradition I am going to be giving you a peek at what some of my favorite things are right now. 

1. Hair Ties: I originally stumbled across these on a trip to Vermont.  A young girl made them and sold them at local boutiques in Burlington to raise money for charities.  Their popularity has grown and they are popping up everywhere.  These are from Anthropologie, but if you search for these online you can find them in lot of different places.  They are really great to pull back your hair on hot summer days, they don't rip the hair at all, which is great for my fine, long hair.  The best part, they double as a bracelet if you wear them on your wrist.  

2. Seychelles Greatest Hit Wedge: I bought these to wear for a friend's outdoor wedding.  They are so comfortable and cute I couldn't wait until the wedding to wear them.  I get a TON of compliments on them and they are on sale at GILT right now for an extremely discounted price!

3. Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere's first book:  I have been looking forward to purchasing this book since I first heard that it was being written.  I follow Emily's blog regularly and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of this book so I can start reading it!

4. Kris Pinot Grigio: This is my all time favorite summer drinking wine.  It is light, crisp and refreshing, without being overly aromatic or sweet.  It is perfect to drink alone or to accompany a lighter summer meal (like the Tabbouleh below.)

5. Abstract floral dress from J. CREW: I have been stalking this dress for a while, but was originally turned off by the price.  It is such a fun print and perfect to wear to an outdoor wedding or rehearsal dinner.  Guess what!? It's part of J. CREW's summer sale going on now!

6. Quinoa Tabbouleh:  I love Tabbolueh but I try not to eat too much wheat.  This recipe using Quinoa instead of Bulgur and it is delicious and very easy to make.  I have been eating this all week!  You can add a little bit of feta and fresh calamata olives to it to make it a meal or simply put it on top of spinach for a quick and easy lunch.    

7. The Ropes' Cape Elizabeth bracelet:  I am lucky enough to live in the area where these bracelets are made, but I have to say I literally gasped out loud when I saw the new Cape Elizabeth bracelet online sold exclusively at Refinery29.  I love Shana's inclusion of the metallic rope and of course the neon!

What are your plans for the weekend?  What are some of the things that are making your mid-summer favorites list right now?

Enjoy your weekend!