golden globes roundup

Sunday evening marked the official beginning of the Hollywood awards season with the annual Golden Globes Awards.  Besides my love for movies and dare I say television, I love to watch The Globes for the over-the-top glamour and fashion.  I am always inspired by what I see and it is a struggle to pick my favorite looks.  This year my top choices fell into three categories: winter whites, glitter & gold, and spring pastels.

Winter Whites }
Glitter & Gold }
Spring Pastels }

For more of the Globes fashion and information on the designers head to, where all of these images were found.  Maybe it's because I have spring on my mind since yesterday was almost 60 degrees in parts of Maine, but I did not include any of the beautiful ladies in red in this roundup. I loved some of their looks, especially Zooey Deschanel's gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gown!  On a side note, if you did not watch The Globes or missed Claire Danes' acceptance speech about being proud to work "in this medium, in this moment," check it out here.  It speaks to why I love television and how television has become a medium for "dynamic, rich, bold and complex" characters and shows (like Homeland of course).  I would love to hear about your favorite looks from Sunday night or if you love Homeland as much as I do, let me know about them in the comments below.