happy february!

I cannot believe it is already February, well five days into February at that!  I have a small confession to make: I love February.  I love that is does not follow the rules of any other month in regards to how many days it has, I love that it sometimes marks the end of winter, I love to celebrate my husband's birthday and I love that February is all about love.  
I know that a lot of people would say they hate Valentine's Day, and don't get me wrong I do not like some of the overtly commercialized components of this holiday.  However, to me Valentine's Day is all about showing your nearest and dearest how much you love them-- handmade cards, sweet treats and of course flowers are all ways that people do that.  My nearest and dearest includes my husband (of course) but it also includes my family, best friends, and puppy.  How will you be celebrating your love for your nearest and dearest this month?