here I go!

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Sometime this winter I decided that I was missing something in my life.  The past two years seemed like a whirlwind with very exciting changes that came.  I graduated from college with a B.F.A in painting and a concentration in art education.  I helped my sister plan her wedding, I moved in with my long-term boyfriend into a house we had picked out together.  I purchased my first car, and landed my first "big girl" job and then shortly after that I got engaged, then married! wooo, I had been busy.  After planning my own wedding in 10 short months, getting married and then the hustle and bustle of the holiday season ended, I felt- like I said before- that I was missing something.  I loved being in college and pursuing a BFA because it required that I was constantly creating.  I love planning my own wedding because it was as if all my skills were finally being utilized.  I was creating and planning and managing.  The job I had landed after college was not in my field of study and was very exciting at first because it was new and required that I obtain a skill-set I did not have prior.  However, it was extremely stressful. And when I say stressful I don't mean stressful like all jobs seems to be, I mean I would wake up on Sunday morning with anxiety about having to go to work the next day.  I would wake up in the middle of the night having nightmares about going to work.  I loved the people I worked with, but it was not the job for me.  That's when things started to happen.  I started receiving referrals from friends that knew people that needed help planning their wedding!  So, at the end of June I decided I was going to leave my day job and really put effort into starting an event design and planning business.  I am an avid blog reader (I have a reading list that is HUGE and a feat to get through on a daily basis) so creating my own blog seemed like a natural way of chronicling the progression of my business and a way to show what inspires me daily.  Without a doubt this is going to be a wedding blog because I live for weddings-ask any of my friends.  But, this will also be a style and lifestyle blog of some sorts because honestly there is so much that inspires me.  Please leave me comments, suggestions and email me if you have any questions or particular content that you would like to see.  So, as the picture above implies, I will be jumping in head first to this blog and keep my fingers crossed that my passion and energy will be conveyed!