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I do not really believe in trends or at least forecasting them.  I think that true trends are hard to predict ahead of time, which is usually what makes them something that is thought of as a trend.  I also think that when something is named a trend or fad, it usually means that it is on its way out or that it is something that is only going to be popular and/or acceptable for a fleeting moment in time.  That being said, I do think that there are certain styles and directions in the wedding and event design industry that can be predicted ahead of time.  I think of these things as movements and progressions of what is popular now and what has worked really well in the past.  So here is my list of the top 13 trends movements and styles for weddings in 2013! 
1. Mixed Metallics  We saw an onslaught of gold and gilded details in weddings this past year, this will continue with the addition of other metals- brass, silver and of course rose gold.
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2. Jewel Tones Pantone's 2013 color of the year is emerald, other jewel tones will shine this year especially for fall and winter 2013 weddings.
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3. Prints The chevron print was huge in fashion and weddings last year, we will continue to see bold, graphic prints continue to be popular in weddings this year.   From runners and linens, to bridesmaids dresses, it is all about the prints this year.
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4. Thoughtful food Think Jamie Oliver's food revolution, the wedding catering business is seeing its own revolution.  Out are the same plated entrees that you see at every wedding, now it is all about the unique caterer, local specialities and freshness of farm to table menus.  
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5. Colorful gowns Before Queen Victoria married in 1840, the majority of brides wore colorful wedding dresses.  There is even a poem that describes what the color of your wedding dress implies.  I'm not sure I agree with what the poem says, but I love the resurgence of color into wedding dresses and love that brides are being bold enough to surprise everyone on their wedding day.

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6. Intimate celebrations The elaborate and huge wedding seems to be a thing of the past, especially as couples wait until they are older to get married.  Elopements and small, intimate, celebrations are what many couples are planning this year.  If you still have a big guest list, think about family-style seating to give your event the same personal and intimate feel.

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7. Garden blooms For the last two years, peonies have been the most requested flower for weddings.  I believe this is because of their just-picked appearance.  Instead of structured blooms and bouquets we are going to see a lot more garden-inspired horizontal arrangements and hand-tied bouquets.
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8. Return to elegance Vintage and rustic have been the buzz-words for the last couple of years in the wedding planning business.  Couples are opting for more elegant weddings that are inspired by old-world glamour.  Think Gatspy, Dowton Abbey and Anna Karenina.

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9. Neutrals I am a lover of color, but I also love the simplistic, romantic and elegant feel a neutral color palette gives to any event.  A neutral color palette ties in with the movement towards elegance and glamour, but can become rich with the thoughtful inclusion of different textures like burlap, velvet, lace and suede.

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10. Garlands Tassle, fabric, floral and greenery garlands are no longer just for birthday parties and holiday celebrations. These garlands will be popping in weddings celebrations everywhere this year.

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11. Lace Perhaps made popular again by the Dutchess herself, lace is back and not just reserved for formal fêtes.  Designers like Claire Pettibone- who designed Emily Shuman's dress below- are showing us how lace can add just the right amount of elegance and romance to any wedding celebration.

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12. Text From quotes about love and marriage, to backdrops and runners, text is beginning to play an important role in wedding decor.

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13. Camp-inspired Every year seems to have its preferred venue in wedding planning, from ballrooms to barns, it seems it has all been done.  I love the idea of a wedding at a summer camp or where camping is a key part of the wedding weekend celebration.  Couples everywhere are jumping to plan their camp-inspired weddings.

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It will be fun to revisit this post throughout the year and see how accurate my predictions are.  Which of the 13 ideas above are you most excited about?  Let me know in the comments below.