tie the knot

I had been planning on posting this video today after a friend and I both realized last week that we did not know how to tie a proper bow tie.  If you watched the Oscars last night then you must realize how fitting this post is considering almost every leading male was sporting a bow tie last night.  Bow ties are definitely showing up more and more and not just on red carpets, they are becoming an increasingly popular choice for wedding day attire.  I love this video's hilarious take on a tutorial of how to tie a bow tie.  Watch it and you will know what I mean!

Did you watch the video?  Then you know this is a video about more than just tying a bow tie.  Tie the Knot is an organization that shares the important message of marriage equality.  I am lucky enough to live and work in a state where marriage equality is a reality and I love what this organization is doing.  Be sure to check out Tie the Knot to learn more and check back here tomorrow for my Oscar roundup of the best-dressed ladies.