VOGUE weddings

As promised in yesterday's post I want to talk about how deciding what kind of bride you are and especially what kind of wedding you want to have, can dictate all of your planning decisions.  Your wedding is one of the biggest celebrations of your life and should reflect both the bride and groom's personality.  Making the decision early on about what kind of wedding you want to have will guide every decision you make regarding your wedding, from how many people to invite to what kind of dress you buy, these choices combined create the overall tone of your wedding.  To celebrate summer wedding season, VOGUE magazine launched an online wedding guide titled One Fine Day.  I love the perspective VOGUE takes on weddings, it is fashion-directed and nothing short of glamourous.  Here is VOGUE take on six very different kinds of weddings.   

Be sure to check out the rest of the guide here for more beautiful images and details of each kind of wedding.  Which kind of wedding is your favorite?  Do any of these weddings reflect your personality?  If so, which one?