Wedding Planning Checklist

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To help those of you who are just setting out to plan your wedding or are in the process of planning your wedding already, I have complied a list of my favorite wedding checklists around the web.  One thing to keep in mind when looking at these checklists is not everyone starts planning their wedding a year in advance.  Most of these checklists are organized starting 12 months from your wedding date and list things you are supposed to have completed by a certain month.  However, when you are planning your wedding it should be a personal and individualized event.  That being said, use these lists as a guide and don't freak out if you are not doing some of the things on the list, or if you have not completed the task by a certain time.  Some of these checklists are printable, some you can complete online and some provide some visual inspiration as well.  Let me know which checklists are your favorite and why.  I'm in the process of creating an L. brook events timeline/checklist and would love your feedback!

Wedding Planning Checklists:

A Paper Proposal

Real Simple

The Knot

Martha Stewart Weddings

Here Comes the Guide

The Wedding Channel

And for those unique individuals like myself that would prefer a hard copy checklist, then I would


 recommend the below


.  It provides some great information, useful checklists and is small enough to fit in most purses!

Hope you all are enjoying your start to the week!