wrap it up

To continue my week of holiday-related posts, I have gathered some of my favorite gift-wrapping ideas for the season.  I love to see all the creative ways that people wrap their presents this time of year, from the selection of paper to what kind of gift tag is attached, there are so many ways to personalize and wrap presents. I have to admit that I often do not use wrapping paper, well wrapping paper that I purchase, to wrap my holiday presents.  In an effort to reduce waste this time or year and be more conscious about our impact on the environment, my family created a rule many years ago that has now become a sort of tradition: we could not use store-bought paper when wrapping presents.  I never imagined what the tradition would turn into, hours were spent and are by all members of my family (even my little brothers) on thinking up the most creative way to wrap a present.  It is kind of amazing how much paper you can collect throughout the year without even trying that you can use to wrap presents.  It is a fun tradition that means a lot to me because every present received and shared has been given a lot of thought and care before a gift is even opened.  In my mind this personal experience is what gift-giving is all about.

That being said I love paper; I love the texture, I love the look and I love the craft of paper-making, printing and packaging.  Because of my affinity for paper I love to see what people come up with for wrapping, even if I don't necessarily buy paper.  Below are some wrapping ideas inspiring me this season, a lot of which do not use traditional wrapping paper.

Which style of wrapping above is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below and I hope you have fun wrapping your presents this year!